Episode Eleven: Rediscovering Latinx ft. Sam Morel

And we’re back! Just as a reminder, Some Kind of Brown will be moving to every two weeks for a while due to some health complications. This episode, we’re ringing in National Hispanic Heritage Month with my good friend Sam Morel! His wonderful mix is Mexican, Irish, and Cajun French and we’ll be talking all about it this month.

In this first episode, we talked about his struggles with identification, reconnecting to his ethnic heritage, and the Yandy meltdown of 2018. If you’re not aware of this insane incident, check out the episode and the links below to check out the craziness. Be aware that while Native Twitter started the #CancelYandy movement, there are so many culturally offensive costumes from other cultures as well. You might not be Indigenous, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe. There are so many different costumes I can link below, but I’ll just leave you the tip of the iceberg. Search the website at your own risk of high blood pressure! Between Yandy nonsense and Sam’s great sense of humor, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Sam’s Social Media:


Reference Links:

Native Twitter Calling Out Yandy

“Deluxe Cherokee Princess” with War Bonnet

“Sexy Sugar Skull Senorita”

“Alluring Assassin Costume”

“Sexy Queen of the Nile”

“African Warrior Costume”

“Desert Princess”

“Foxy Native American Duo”

Music: http://www.purple-planet.com





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